The Pillow Lady’s Mission

Dear Patriot,

We as Supportive citizens of our heroic American G.I.s would like to extend our love & compassion during these challenging times. War has left many of our service Men & Women wounded! We collectively around this great Nation would like to extend our appreciation towards these Heroes for their Service & Sacrifices.  We will stitch our prayers & care into each pillow that will be created for each special Honorable recipient. A Thank You note will be included with each gift of comfort, so each brave, wounded G.I. will know how very much we care about each & everyone of them. These Pillows are compact but powerful.

Envision Unlimited creates beautiful and skillfully crafted gifts of comfort, the foundation of our Patriotic Pillow, the Forms.  We are currently purchasing the pillows forms from their center at cost, as a collaborative effort to provide comfort to our “Healing Heroes!  We only purchase the pillow forms from Envision Unlimited, no other would ever fit the Bill. This wonderful facility does employ 131 profoundly developmentally adults and provides them with a safe environment to earn a livelihood. They Make the “BEST” here in America!


Since June 20, 2004, we have delivered more than 19,927 pillows,  thanks to our wonderful Volunteers from more than 45 States.

The pillow covers are handcrafted creative replicas of our Nation’s Flag.  These cushions support an injured or missing limb, or serve as a special place to rest a war weary head. The G.I. who receives these special gifts of recognition for their service & sacrifice are most impressed by this Nation’s support, care & compassion.

Our “Kenny’s Kaps” program is only successful due in part to our knitting and crocheting volunteers. Purple head covers adorned with the original “Military Badge of Merit” patch are delivered to those whom have sustained TBI or disfiguring injuries and or burns of the face & scalp.

To be thought of & have someone make the time to create these uplifting items & sending a heartfelt greeting is just what the Dr. Ordered! All you need to be able to do is stitch a straight line, utilizing the pattern included. If by chance you don’t sew Please Pass along this information to spread the word. This Great Grateful Nation can help with this beneficial National Charitable Community Service Project. We need to lift the Spirits of our wounded that have given so very much of themselves for us.

*Please note:    These Patriotic Pillows are gifts from the hearts of American citizens’ nationwide!
They are never to be sold, purchased, or auctioned!
The Price of Freedom is not measured in dollars.

**  The Pillow Lady / Mom & The Patriotic Pillow Project  products, intellectual properties, concepts, and designs are patent pending.